Our Story

Twenty Nations is the creative expression of a lifetime of streetwear and hiphop influence. Our founder, RCM is a self proclaimed hiphop head who was first thrown into the realm and love for lyrical rap back in the early 2000's with artists like LL COOL J, The Game, Nas and Juelz Santana - among many many others. Steadily, RCM's love for self expression and "not for the masses" entertainment grew and Twenty Nations was born. 

Now - Twenty Nations is the collective expression of our 3 main core values and goals. 

Cause. Connection and Esotericism. 

Twenty Nations believes that it's our duty to provide care, and a cause behind everything we do in life and as a result, Twenty Nations donates 10% of all orders to mental health services and prison reform organizations to help out those who need it. Everyone is or knows someone affected with mental health issues - and our greatest goal is to give back! 

The connection piece is simple. The goal of connecting hiphop heads, new school rap addicts, producers, b-boys, graffiti artists and streetwear lovers is our priority. We may all have different crafts, unique skills and individual passions - but we are all passionate and all connected in creating new, innovative and unique things to bring to the world. 

Lastly, esotericism or "not for the masses" is the practise, belief and understanding of going against the grain, revoking the status quo and fundamentally being understood by a limited group of people. 

We weren't made for everyone - in fact, TwentyNations was made specifically for you.
The obscure. The Different. The Creative.

(And if for some reason you don't like us - you can always shop at GAP)